Questions about corona test results

When will you receive your results?

Results PCR test                                Usually within 24 hours

Results serological test                     Usually available within 72 hours after testing

Our employees in our laboratories are working very hard to process everything as quickly as possible. If you have still not received your result after the indicated time frame, please contact us via 

Please note! Are you taking a corona test because you need a non-covid certificate to travel? Take the flight times and the requirements of the country in question into account. For more information about the measures per country, please check the Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How will you receive the results?

You will receive the results of your corona test via email, within the time period indicated above. In the email for your PCR test result, you will also find a document you can download: your non-covid certificate. It will be included in Dutch and English, and signed by our physician.

What if you have still not received your test results after 24 hours (in case of a PCR test) or 72 hours (in case of a serological test)?

If you have still not received your results after 24 hours in case of a PCR test and 72 hours in case of a serological test, we advise you to first check the spam box of your email. Is the email with your results not in your spam box? Please send us and email via 

How is it possible that your travelling partner (who was tested for corona at the same time) has already received their results, while you haven’t?

Results are not processed in order. This means that there can be a few hours between results of tests that were taken at the same time. This is nothing to worry about! We will do our best to communicate both results within 48 hours after the moment of testing.