Important information if you want to make an appointment

Before you can schedule your appointment, you must first read the important information. You are responsible for entering your personal information in accordance with your passport. This information will be recorded on your medical certificate. We will not be able to change this information later on.

Does the following apply:

  • Have you read the important information?
  • Do you know what corona test you have to take?
  • Do you understand the process between your appointment and getting your results?

Yes? Then you are ready to schedule your appointment! If you can’t answer all the questions above with ‘yes’, please click ‘Important information if you want to make an appointment’. Here you can check what information you will need to schedule a corona test.

Please note! If you have not read the document with important information, you might make mistakes. This is something we want to prevent, so that we can devote all of our time to testing for corona as quickly and efficiently as possible. So before making an appointment, please make sure to read the document with important information!